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Household Pumps in Mackay

Domestic Pumps & Irrigation

At R & T Pumps in Mackay, we install, repair and maintain household pumps of various types and sizes. Our range of pumps include:

With the help of our fully equipped workshop, we can also service all types of household pumps and condition them for long-term use.

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Bores & Tanks

We stock a wide range of jet pumps, multistage pumps and submersible pumps to suit multiple bore and tank applications. We recommend submersible pumps for deeper bores and surface pumps for shallow bores.

No matter the project requirements, we can install below and above-ground pumps for your bores and tanks.

Pressure Systems

Our qualified pump fitters also install domestic pressure systems. We have VSD (variable speed drive) options for household pumps that require complete control and protection. We recommend these systems to optimise flow rates and improve your water distribution method.

All our products are made to withstand varying environmental conditions. Brands we use include Onga, Davey, Lowara and Pumpmaster.

Pool & Spa Pumps

We have a large selection of pool products, including pumps, filters and cleaners from leading brand Davey. Brands we use for chlorinators and other accessories include Pentair and Onga. This means you can be sure of the quality and reliability of all our products.

If you need to have your pool water checked for quality, we provide free pool water analysis. Using our computerised water testing equipment, expect fast and accurate analysis of your pool and/or spa.